About eQIPd

eQIPd exists to equip the education and care sector with insights to support quality, and communities with insights to support the planning of service provision. Every child deserves a great start in their critical first few years – and that means they should be able to access high-quality education and care. Unfortunately, we know that low-quality education and care harms children and the effects have been seen to be present even at age 15. eQIPd exists to help education and care services run organisational health checks to ensure their service is high quality.

The concept of eQIPd's parent and educator surveys service is simple enough – it’s a service for measuring families’ and educators’ perceptions about the quality of their education and care service, based on a common set of questions. Using the same questions across services means each eQIPd client can benchmark their service's result against other services, and this comparison provides actionable insights to management to support continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement underpins the National Quality Framework - reflective practice and allowing families to have a say in the running of the service are key factors which enable this.

eQIPd is the 2019 winner of the City of Greater Geelong’s inaugural Clever & Creatives pitch competition for startups. The award recognised eQIPd’s potential both as a tech business and as a social impact enterprise.

Hundreds of services across Australia use eQIPd’s survey services each year; the data shows eQIPd’s clients are more likely than the national average to be exceeding the National Quality Standards and are more likely to improve their rating when next assessed.

Glowing testimonials from repeat customers confirm that eQIPd saves services time, money and most importantly, provides insights and evidence for robust quality improvement planning.

eQIPd is much more than surveys. Other services offered by eQIPd include: