How it works

A simple way to be quality focused and show you value your families and staff

Our surveys are delivered online with a beautiful user interface, so families or staff will want to answer the questions. For your community and for you, the process is:

Upon registration, we send you a template email and link to forward to your families. We also send you a poster with a QR code so you can promote the survey in your foyer - parents simply hold their phone camera up to the code and it takes them straight to the survey.

Your survey will remain open for 2-4 weeks and within a week of closing, you will receive your service's survey results. The attractively presented report will quickly show the centre’s strengths and growth areas.

Immediate, actionable data for you to embed the voices of families in your self-assessment process.

The cost? $199 (plus GST).

Seeing is believing…

The links below show a sample of the survey:

Childcare Parent Survey Sample

Kindergarten Parent Survey Sample

Outside School Hours Care Parent Survey Sample